Here 2013

10 Episodes

Here is a fast-paced festival of creativity held at London's Royal Geographical Society where we give great creative talents a platform to share their insights and inspirations. With more than 600 delegates from across the creative industries, Here has become an exciting addition to the annual conference calendar.

  • Erik Kessels

    The final speaker at Here 2013 was iconoclastic advertising legend Erik Kessels. The founder of kesselskramer took us through both some of his personal publishing projects and some unusual client work to give us an insight into his unique creative thinking.

    Duration 50:36

    Uploaded 03 February 2014

  • Kate Moross

    Longtime friend of It's Nice That Kate Moross is a graphic artist and art director who is much sought-after by commercial and editorial clients alike. She spoke at Here about the "DIY Punk Ethos" and how the new rules of the game are opening up a world of opportunities for enterprising creatives.

    Duration 23:41

    Uploaded 12 September 2013

  • Wayne Hemingway

    Wayne Hemingway is one of the UK's most famous designers with a 30-year career spanning fashion, architecture, graphics and festivals. He explained how by seizing opportunities at the right time he got to expand his design empire and why listening to your mum is always the best thing to do.

    Duration 26:07

    Uploaded 01 October 2013

  • Stuart Wood

    At Here Stuart Wood of rAndom International charted the studio's longstanding interest in playing off human interaction, spoke about the challenges of balancing the artist and the coder inside him and gave us some insights into the wildly popular Rain Room at The Barbican.

    Duration 28:35

    Uploaded 02 October 2013

  • Sarah Illenberger

    Berlin-based 3D illustrator Sarah Illenberger joined us at Here 2013 to explore how she rethought traditional perceptions of her craft to develop a weird and wonderful portfolio ranging from satirising the plastic surgery craze through fine art to representing "masculine measurements" in unexpected ways.

    Duration 28:30

    Uploaded 09 October 2013

  • Mark Porter

    Editorial designer Mark Porter who oversaw the redesign of The Guardian newspaper and its digital output spoke at Here 2013 about his unusual route into the industry, his design philosophy and how the fast-shifting digital age impacts on his profession, both in terms of challenges and opportunities.

    Duration 25:15

    Uploaded 16 October 2013

  • Es Devlin

    From Kanye West and Lady Gaga to the 2012 Olympics Closing Ceremony, Es Devlin is the go-to stage and set designer for engaging, inspiring and jaw-dropping visual treatments. At Here 2013 she spoke about how a random moment at a wedding set off a train of thought about her creative approach, taking us through some of her projects and considering how the digital age has changed the way we think.

    Duration 20:32

    Uploaded 23 October 2013


    Oscar Romagosa and Nicolás Méndez of uber-cool Barcelona-based directors collective CANADA gave us the most meticulous insight into the way they work. Using the example of the video for the Phoenix single Trying To Be Cool, they took us through every step of their creative journey; from the first doodles to the final, rip-roaring piece.

    Duration 32:00

    Uploaded 30 October 2013

  • Nelly Ben Hayoun

    At Here 2013 the inimitable Nelly Ben Hayoun presented a whirlwind tour of her remarkable relationship with science, including making dark matter in her kitchen and building mini volcanoes in her lounge. She ended by looking at her International Space Orchestra, an amazing project she persuaded NASA Ames Research Center to agree to, with spectacular results.

    Duration 29:00

    Uploaded 06 November 2013

  • Rafaël Rozendaal

    At Here 2013 digital and online art pioneer Rafaël Rozendaal gave us an insight into his past projects, why he finds working in this medium so exhilarating and why he also likes to experiment with work that combines the digital and the physical.

    Duration 33:49

    Uploaded 14 November 2013